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Coal and shale desorption

Desorption of coal samples (cores) and shale is the basic empirical method used to determine the amount and composition of gas in coal (coal bed methane) and in shale (shale gas).


GEOKRAK offers a wide range of services in the field of environmental geology and hydrology. They include investigations, assessment and forecasting of environmental conditions. For many years we have co-operated with renown Polish and foreign consulting companies, contractors and research laboratories, we have gained experience by carrying out projects.

Mudlogging and Wellsite Geology

Geological services for deep drilling projects constitute the core of GEOKRAK activities. We offer our services and knowledge for oil, gas and geothermal drilling operations. The top quality of our services is guaranteed by qualified staff who expand their skills and knowledge by regular, professional trainings.

Microscope Analyses

Microscope analyses are used in geologic investigations and often supplement final geologic reports or studies (e.g. geological maps, stratigraphic marking of borehole sections, geologic-engineering documentations). They are employed in mineralogic and petrographic analyses of rocks, allow determination of formation ages and also provide information about thermal maturity of organic matter present in rocks. The scope of work may include analyses, final reports or preparation of samples for tests (as requested).

Envinroment Protection

We provide assessment and forecasting of enviroment conditions basing on long-time experience gathered in projects prepared for clients from Poland who operate in the country as well as abroad. The experience let us keep the standards required by both state as well as international companies.

Mapping and GIS

Mapping and GIS section of GEOKRAK provides a broad range of services in structural geology. Our services include both field work as well as studial work which analyze archival materials. Samples taken from outcrops, cuttings and cores from exploration shallow boreholes are given sedimentologic, petrographic and biostratigraphic analyses. For map preparation we use state-of-the-art equipment and software including ArcGIS suite and high-resolution GPS receivers.

Geothermal Energy

GEOKRAK has participated in geothermal energy projects both in Poland and abroad. In the last few years our presence in geotermal projects.

License Applications

We offer preparation of: complete Geologic Work Programmes, applications for exploration, appraisal or production licenses, annexes to Geologic Work Programmes. All documents are based on data and materials provided by the applicant.

Engineering Geology

GEOKRAK offers broad range of services in engineering geology and geotechnics. They include investigation of soil and water conditions of the construction substrate and geologic works necessary for commencement of construction activities.


Environmental Impact Conference

Geokrak was invited  by Academy of Mining  and  Industry - Department of Drilling, Oil and Gas in  April 2013 to present during the conference called "Environmental Impact  Assessment during the exploration and  production of gas form non-conventional resources" our experience related to preparing the  EIA reports and obtaining the Environmental Permit for shale gas exploration. The conference was attended by representatives of  Environmental Authorities  from the whole Poland and  representatives  of companies  involved in shale gas activities. Our presentation  was  performed by Wojtek Scisłowicz to app. 70 participants, and  originated an intense discussion.

Unconventional Gas Aberdeen 2012 conference

27–28 November, 2012: Geokrak took part in Unconventional Gas Aberdeen 2012 conference, an annual meeting of unconventional gas industry companies.

Third Annual Event Shale Gas World

27–29 November, 2012: Geokrak took part in Third Annual Event Shale Gas World Europe 2012 organized in Warsaw.

European Norm in Geotechnical Design

October–December, 2012: Geokrak Engineering Geology department staff took part in the European Norm in Geotechnical Design training organized as part of a project called Development of modetn building teaching potential at the Kraków Technical University. The objective of the project is improvement of development potential of the Kraków Technical University through  improvement and adjustment of educational offer in construction for requirements of knowledge-based economy to 2015. This is a state project which started on August 3, 2009 and finishes on December 31, 2015.


Break of year 2012 and 2013: Towards the end of 2012 and at the beginning of 2013 the Engineering Geology department staff will take part in trainings organized by the Environment Engineering Department of the Kraków Technical University. The trainings are part of a project aimed at adaptation of qualifications to the requirements of small and medium companies from environment engineering and environment protection market. The trainings will cover water and sewage economy and water constructions and geo-technics. The trainings which Geokrak staff are to attend are:
1. Determination of geotechnical conditions for builing foundations in accordance with current official regulations (Directive of the Transport, Construction and Sea Economy Minister, as of 25 April, 2012) and recommendation of methods found in EU environmental norms (February 2013).
2. Assessment of technical conditions in hydro-technical objects.
3. Structural analysis and design of geotechnical constructions in accordance with Eurocode 7 (October 2012)
4. Geotechnics in road construction (November 2012)
5. Geotechnics design using results of field and laboratory analyses in accordance with Eurocode 7 + workshop (October 2012)
6. Computer technical drawing in small engineering companies: effective use of AutoCAD software (December 2012).

28th Construction Design Workshop

5–8 March, 2013: A group of Geokrak staff took part in 28th Construction Design Workshop in the town of Wisła. The workshop was organized by Małopolska Department of the Polish Association of Construction and Civil Engineers in cooperation with Bielsko-Biała, Gliwice and Katowice. The workshop included methods of ground susbtrate analysis, piling operations, reinforcement of ground and foundations, geo-technical design of deep foundation, protection of building surroundings, modelling of geotechnical processes and stability of escarpments, landslides and levees.


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