License Applications

We offer preparation of: complete Geologic Work Programmes, applications for exploration, appraisal or production licenses, annexes to Geologic Work Programmes. All documents are based on data and materials provided by the applicant.

License Applications


Geokrak prepares:

  1. Assessments of exploration risk for oil, conventional and unconventional natural gas, CBM and hard coal deposits based on geological and geochemical data.

  2. Selection of prospective areas for hydrocarbons for future concession applications

  3. Studies of underground carbon dioxide storage possibilities.

  4. Cost assessment of fulfilment of concession requirements.

  5. Concession applications for a new licence, licence extension and licence amendment.

  6. Geologic work programmes for concession applications for oil, gas, CBM and hard coal exploration.

  7. Annexes of geologic work programmes included in concession applications for extension and/or amendment of the concession (Geologic work programmes for seismic surveys and for boreholes).

  8. Documentation of geologic work carried out in the concession areas (summary of the work done and justification for resignation from the concession)

  9. Documentation of borehole abandonment.

  10. Geologic documentation of boreholes.

  11. Cost assessment for payed use of geologic data according to the decree of the Minister of Environment. (Off. Journ. No 292, item 1724 para 11.2, 3, 4, and para 13.2, 3).

  12. Information data sheets required for issue of an Environmental Conditions decisions on boreholes deeper than 1000 m (Council of Ministers decree on activities which can significantly affect the environment (Off. Journ. No 213, item 1397 – para 3.1.43).



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