Mapping and GIS

Mapping and GIS section of GEOKRAK provides a broad range of services in structural geology. Our services include both field work as well as studial work which analyze archival materials. Samples taken from outcrops, cuttings and cores from exploration shallow boreholes are given sedimentologic, petrographic and biostratigraphic analyses. For map preparation we use state-of-the-art equipment and software including ArcGIS suite and high-resolution GPS receivers.

Field Work

Field teams' tasks include:

  • finding rock outcrops

  • measurement of geologic and geographic parameters 

  • description of lithology, tectonics, sedimentary features and geomorphology of rocks present in outcrops

  • collection of rock samples for biostratigraphic, petrographic and geochemical analyses

  • preparation of lithologic sections of outcrops

  • drilling of shallow exploration boreholes and coring


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