Microscope Analyses

Microscope analyses are used in geologic investigations and often supplement final geologic reports or studies (e.g. geological maps, stratigraphic marking of borehole sections, geologic-engineering documentations). They are employed in mineralogic and petrographic analyses of rocks, allow determination of formation ages and also provide information about thermal maturity of organic matter present in rocks. The scope of work may include analyses, final reports or preparation of samples for tests (as requested).

Analyses of coal macerals and vitrinite reflectance

Analyses of coal macerals employ observations of both dispersed organic matter and coal in reflected light. They determine macerals within three groups: vitrinite, liptinite and inertinite. Additionally, vitrinite reflectance (Ro) is analyzed.

Microscope analyses are carried out in accordance with ICCP recommendations.

Petrographic analyses of organic matter are carried out both in white and ultraviolet light using a Carl Zeiss Axioskop microscope.

Vitrinite reflectance is determined with an MSP 200 photometer coupled with a Carl Zeiss Axioskop microscope.

The results of the analyses are presented in reports which include data gathered from qualitative and quantitative analysis of maceral composition, vitrinite reflectance (Ro) data and micro-photographs used during observations.


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