Mudlogging and Wellsite Geology

Geological services for deep drilling projects constitute the core of GEOKRAK activities. We offer our services and knowledge for oil, gas and geothermal drilling operations. The top quality of our services is guaranteed by qualified staff who expand their skills and knowledge by regular, professional trainings.

Mudlogging Units

Modern mud logging units used by Geokrak (in co-operation with Geodata GmbH, Germany) provides high quality of recorded data.
Services provided by the mud logging unit or its staff include:

  • continuous monitoring of technical parameters of drilling

  • measurement of physical and chemical parameters of drilling mud

  • measurement of gas content in drilling mud (Total Gas sensor, chromatograph, CO₂ sensor)

  • measurement of gas content in the air (CH₄, H₂S)

  • acoustic and visual alarm systems

  • storing records in depth- and time-based databases 

  • clear visualisation of drilling process in LANs or WANs

  • collection, description and documentation of samples (cuttings and cores) 

  • preparation of geological and technical sections 

  • preparation of daily, weekly and final reports


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