Engineering Geology

GEOKRAK offers broad range of services in engineering geology and geotechnics. They include investigation of soil and water conditions of the construction substrate and geologic works necessary for commencement of construction activities.

Geotechnical Services for Construction Sites

Geological services for construction sites cover whole range of works involving supervision of groundworks and foundation works. They include:

  • substrate acceptance

  • checking of fill compaction

  • supervision of soil exchange

  • soil assessment for construction

  • supervision of big-diameter piles construction

  • supervision of cavity walls construction

  • analyses of compaction in gravel columns

  • expertise,

  • verification of brief fore-design in comparison to present soil and water condtions

  • analysis of escarpment stability for fills and cuts

All work is done in accordance with Polish and European standards. We have qualified personnel with proper certificates and training.

We pay particular attention to safety at work issues. All employees undergo HSE training and are able to provide first aid.


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