Envinromental Projects

We provide our services basing on long-time experience gathered in projects prepared both for national and international clients. Our experience allows us to provide services in compliance with the standards required by state as well as international companies.

Environmental Studies (EIA)

In field of environmental impact assessment we are offering:

  • Preparation of documentation necessary to obtain so – called “Environmental Decision”, including:

    • Project Information Sheet/Card [so-called “KIP”],

    • EIA Report.

  • Preparation of documentation necessary to carrying out impact assessment of a project on Natura 2000 Sites procedure, including:

    • Project Information Sheet/Card [so-called “KIP”],

    • EIA Report (in reference to impact on Natura 2000 Site).

  • preparation of the Environmental Impact Prognosis (for the purpose of strategic environmental impact assessment).

We are also offering preparation of ecophysiographic studies.

As required, our documentation includes:

  •  noise modeling,

  •  air pollution modeling, 

  •  wildlife inventories.

On behalf of our clients we can also conduct the administrative procedure until a final decision on environmental conditions (so-called "environmental decision") is granted. If necessary, we represent the Client in public offices, explain and respond to official letters and enquiries.


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