Envinromental Projects

We provide our services basing on long-time experience gathered in projects prepared both for national and international clients. Our experience allows us to provide services in compliance with the standards required by state as well as international companies.

Soil, ground and waters

Our offer includes:

  • studies and analytical works (including, for example: local environmental conditions, legal requirements, responsibilities, historical context),

  • land remediation projects (historical land contamination, land damage)

  • land contamination risk assessment,

  • designing and installation of soil and water monitoring networks,

  • preparation of geological work programs and geological documentations,

  • drilling and sampling (soil, ground and surface water),

  • laboratory measurements and analyses of samples,

  • reporting (including for example the scale of and extent of contamination with respect to proper standards and regulations).

We offer also:

  • Preparation of reclamation works plans,

  • Remediation works accomplishment and supervision.

We provide accreditation for sampling and laboratory analysis.


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