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Geological mapping - in the Polish Outer Carpathians

Geological Map personally made? We will help you at every stage of its development.

Our course will teach you theoretical and practical geology of the region. You will examine lithostratigraphy, sedimentology and tectonics of the area. We will show you how to use a geological compass and GPS devices.


Geological mapping

Source and reservoir rocks -  and their characteristics in the world’s oldest oil field province in southeastern Poland Outer Flysch Carpathians.

Oil runs the world? Yes, but do you know how it all began? 

We will take you to the most interesting geological locations nad outcropes selected by professional geologists. You will see, touch and collect various types of source & reservoir rocks. You will learn the history of pioneers of the oil industry and see the world's first hand-dug oil wells from the XIX century.


Source & reservoir rocks

Join us on a field trip!


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